Fire City

Sometimes I direct things. These are images from each phase of production of my sci-fi / fantasy episode, Fire City for Geek and Sundry's show Written by a Kid, starring Battlestar Galactica's Aaron Douglas and YouTube all-star Cory Williams.

"Written by a Kid‘s storyteller this week, Adam, spins a yarn about Fire City, the biggest fire station you will ever see in your entire life – even if you live another five billion years. While Adam might not understand the efficiencies of distribution, he certainly thinks on a grand scale. Fire City has more than a million firemen working out of a station that has six million floors. In fact, the million notation pops up a lot in Fire City, making for one of the biggest episodes of Geek & Sundry’s Written by a Kid yet. Check it out!" - Wired's GEEK DAD

Here is a behind the scenes look at how and why Fire City got made.