DOROTHY - a surreal improv / scripted fever dream. Now Casting

DOROTHY is a short guerrilla improv / scripted film by Jonathan Sims. DOROTHY is about a young comedienne who has a psychotic break doing an improv stunt on Venice Beach while performing a bit as the iconic character from The Wizard of Oz being torn from her story  and suddenly finding herself on the Venice Beach Boardwalk in 2013. A sudden genre change in the middle of the film asks the audience to consider what is real as a broken, desperate Dorothy searches for a way out of the indifferent, begrimed and alien world of modernity. 

I need to cast this character:


(little person, male, 35-50)

Like Dorothy, the Hobo has been marooned in our world. He is from Munchkinland in Oz, but he's been here for sometime, and knows exactly what Dorothy is going through. He went through it too. He knows the only way out of this hell is death, he knows he should believe death will take him back to Oz, but he is too afraid to try. 

Sometimes, in his dreams he sees golden light emanating from the waters of the pacific ocean he falls asleep listening to from his cardboard bed on the sand. 

 He knows that a younger, less weary him would believe that the yellowbrick road lies beneath the waves.  He imagines letting the ocean swallow him and the yellowbrick road rising up from the depths to lead him home, but he is too afraid death will simply be the end. He no longer has any wonder, and is ashamed that he would rather live in misery than die with dignity. 

 He stopped speaking long ago and now sits painting oil pastel pictures of the ocean he is too afraid to give himself to. 

He sees a strength in Dorothy he never found in himself, so she fills him with shame but also hope that she will be able to do what he cannot and leave this horrible place.

 He is filthy, but his hair still has the whimsical sculpted curl of the Munchkins from the film. Though this clothes are blackened and slick with the stains of a hundred years, their design is unmistakably from another more fantastic, innocent world. 

I am looking for someone who can get excited over the themes I am exploring with this story and bring this silent but unforgettable character to life.